The 3 Major Types of Turtles

Turtles do make great pets and can fit into any family as a new animal member if groomed properly. For you to properly take of your pet turtle, you need to understand the types of turtles and their various categories. Turtles are very fragile pets and most people fail to find the right way and routine to take care of them. There are different types and species of turtles. Going into detailed explanations of the various species and sub-species will take a longer period of time. So, we are going to categorize all these numerous species into three groups for your better understanding. These three groups of turtles have their different lifestyles and maintenance requirements. The three categories of turtles we have are:


We all have various conceptions when we hear the word “turtles”. You will think of the little box turtle you feed on your visit to the zoo or the giant turtle that roams through oceans surrounding tropical islands. These are examples of turtles but have  different lifestyle. Turtles are semi-aquatic animals. This simply means that they spend some of their life in the water and some of the land. The major reason they come on land is to have a sunbath, yea! turtles do love to sunbathe, and it gives them the necessary vitamin D3.

A common example of the semi-aquatic turtle is the painted turtle and the red-eared slider. If you are planning on having turtles as pets, you should know that they spend more of their lives in water than on land. Their tanks are designed with a small area dedicated for the turtles to bask under a UV lamp. This gives them the necessary vitamin D3 required for their survival and helps increase their core body temperature.


Tortoises are fully terrestrial animals. This species of turtles spend their lifetime on land. They too enjoy swimming in shallow waters in a hot afternoon but will drown when placed in a deep underwater. The very common example of a tortoise is the box turtle. Box turtles are owned typically as pets and are kept in an outdoor pen for optimum weather and temperature conditions. They are only provided with shallow water for drinking and occasional wading. If you plan on owing a box turtle, you will have to recreate its wildlife environment for its good health and wellness. Various factors contribute to the good health of turtles and some of the factors are temperature, humidity, and some kind of stimulations.

Sea Turtles

This species of turtles live in water all their life. They are found in every ocean except for arctic regions where it is extremely too cold for them to survive. Sea turtles only leave the ocean to lay its egg, after this reproductive process, they return back to sea and continue their life. These turtles basically feel fair well in salt or brackish waters. Sea turtles are kept as pets and commonly referred to as aquatic turtles. They are varieties of sea turtles that survive in fresh water, but it is recommended that you add sea salt to their tanks for optimum health. With the information above, you now understand the three types of turtles and their basic life requirements. You now have a starting off knowledge about turtles and can make further enquires before you make a choice.