The Importance of Sea Turtles to Mankind

The Importance of Sea Turtles to Mankind

Sea turtles have been in existence on earth for over 100 million years and have joined throughout the oceans of the world. There one of the oldest organisms still existing on the earth today. The major reason why they have survived extinction that bigger organisms have failed to survive is that of the design of their body structure.

Recently, humans are now becoming a serious threat to the existence and survival of this ancient creature. The natural occurrence of the environment has been distorted so much that even the turtles who have survived great extinction are now on the verge of becoming extinct. We can even learn about how much damage that human activities have done to the natural environment and climatic conditions by studying the current conditions of sea turtles.

Sea turtle has so much economic importance. They are a great asset to countries who have them in great abundance. One of the popular tourist spots on the sea beach. A lot of tourists travel down to various choice beaches around the world all year round. The beauty of a beach largely depends on the living organisms present. Without organisms like corals, fishes, turtles, and other estuarine, a beach will be boring and uninteresting. So, for us to still enjoy this present ecosystem in our beaches, all living organisms there should be conserved.

Sea beaches and dune systems are not capable of holding nutrition. So, it is very obvious that vegetation does not grow well in dunes and do not even grow in beaches at all. Sea turtles come out to beaches to lay eggs every reproductive season. A turtle can lay up to 100 eggs each season. However, not every egg will hatch and not every turtle will be able to successfully come out of the nest. After each reproductive season, the unmatched eggs will then make way into the system in beaches and dunes. Their eggs will now serve as food and source for other organisms in beaches and dunes.

Sea turtles do also have historical. They represent the symbol of aristocracy and delicacy In ancient times. In countries like China and Japan, the shells of a sea turtle are used in making a decorative ornament. These are made from the carapace scutes of the turtle’s shell. Sea turtles in ancient Greek and Romans were usually used to make comb brushes. Some ancient class of humans uses the shell to make various components. They also served as a religious symbol to some countries. The ancient people of Moche in Peru used to worship this objects and are even used as a symbol of art.

Many persons in the world today depend on turtle for food and protein source. The Mexicans harvest sea turtles to support their food and product value, even their skin is used in major shoe and bags manufacturing processes in many areas of the world. The sea turtles also save man from the painful bites of the jellyfish by eating them. It is, therefore, very important for humans to protect the remaining species of sea turtles. The is gradually becoming unsafe for their existence due to so many bad practices today. We should ensure we start today to make things right for these animals.

We can see that the world is becoming a hostile place for sea turtles. It is a clear warning to us that it might become harder for us to survive too. If we learn from the mistakes which we have made and pledge to make things right to save sea turtles from getting extinct, we will be saving ourselves too.