What Can I Do to Help Sea Turtles?

What Can I Do to Help Sea Turtles?

Have you ever thought about how fortunate we are to live in this world full of natural beauty? Beauties that also form unique landscapes that are home to countless animals and plants. This enormous privilege leads us to have an even greater responsibility to care for and respect all the species that live or come to visit the coasts of the whole world.

The beaches that we commonly travel to for our vacations, holidays or just for a weekend away, are also the place where the Sea Turtles begin their life cycle, therefore, we must know what actions we can do in order to help these threatened species return safe and sound to their trip by the marine currents.

Law & Order: Sea Turtles Unit

The first thing we have to have in mind is that there are hundreds if not thousands of laws and regulations when it comes to wildlife, and Sea Turtles have their own laws (at least in the US and Costa Rica).

These are places where national laws, local enforcement laws and laws ruled by each state make sure those who break the law pay for it. Make sure to know these and spread the knowledge, every person is responsible for the wellbeing of our environment.

Get Involved

Personally, support the establishment of protected areas on beaches and environmental education programs in your community, get involved with organizations that dedicate themselves to the protection of the species.

Artificial Lights

Artificial Lights

While it is true the night has some illumination, people who think that they “own” beaches, establish nightclubs with lots of artificial lights. Avoiding bright lights on the beach shore is a must because those lights disorient the Sea Turtles and might endanger them, and you don’t want to disturb the natural order of things.

Hotels and Resorts

Although there are laws to protect spaces from human expansion, regulations to the development of large buildings on the coastline have to be harsher to save the space animals such as the Sea Turtle use to lay their eggs and then, when the eggs hatch, coastlines are the places where these creatures start their life cycle.

Pollution and Contamination

Reducing pollution at the sea with fuels and other harmful materials has to be done by companies responsible for those, but whenever visiting the beach, waste such as plastic wraps, straws, bags, cups, cans, and many others have to be reduced, by us.

Sea Turtle à la Carte

Humans are omnivores, that’s a fact, and also, humans are supposed to be the most evolved species on the planet, so, as the most intelligent being, avoid buying or consuming Sea Turtle eggs (unless certified), their meat, tortoiseshells, or other sea turtle products.

Spread the Gospel

Talking with family and friends about the situation of Sea Turtles and trying to raise awareness of those who are interested is an essential key to protect this endangered species. Talk with your local government representatives to push laws to protect them, form a committee, make flyers (eco-friendly) to raise a voice in support of those who can’t talk.